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Founded by Jason Todd (Vocals) and Justin Bullock (Guitar, Vocals) with a relentless determination to make a career for themselves in the Metal world, their unyielding perseverance has not been without challenges. Although the project went through several line up changes and explored different directions in sound at first, they eventually solidified their line up with TJ Stiles (drums) and Garrett Rizzi (bass) and self released their debut L.P. “Blood of the Innocent” in 2010. A mash up of Metal, Hardcore, and Hard Rock that started to bring the band some local recognition. Their explosive, honest, and musically adept presence made it possible for them to share the stage with some serious notables, including: Woven War, Impeding Doom, This or the Apocalypse, Phinehas, Silent Planet, and Dayseeker. These performances caught the attention of potential sponsors and the band picked up endorsements from Bad Cat Amps, Schecter Guitars, TRX Cymbals, Trick Drums, Kickport, 1964 in ears, Sullen Clothing , Degenerate Clothing, and Coldcock Whiskey.
In 2013, the band landed on solid ground musically with a melodic metalcore sound and the release of  their E.P. “Proud To Be Loud”, on Sullen Musik. The band continued to play locally and some light regional touring began in 2014. They then went through yet another line up change with the departure of founding member and guitarist Josiah Wiswell, and bassist Garrett Rizzi in early 2015. However, the band bounced back quickly, returning as a 4 piece with John Douglas (bass) in 2015. The addition of Douglas brought a renewed energy to the band on and off the stage. It was evident immediately that this was the line up that would take the band to the next level as they hit the road by that February. This energetic line up completed over 70 shows in 2015 and caught the attention of the Metal community all over the U.S. as a support act for Incite that winter, and Straight Line Stitch that summer.
After Spades And Blades completed a successful year of touring throughout 2015, they played several local shows throughout Southern California and then released their L.P. “The End Is Near” in March – May of 2016 they spent Seven weeks on a full U.S. tour as direct support to Soilwork and Fear Factory. Fan reception and reviews were stellar upon completion of this trek. After ten years as a band, it seems the industry is finally taking notice of Spades And Blades as a force to be reckoned with on the stage and in their progressive metalcore style.

As a group of driven, creative, and goal oriented artists, it is our goal to surround ourselves with like minded professionals in the music industry. Specifically the international heavy music community. The establishment of a well rounded team that will help us implement an effective business plan, produce and record content that is relative to the current market, as well as execute strategic and tactical marketing objectives, while helping us grow our audience through the booking of live performances and the distribution of digital media is crucial to our continued development and success. Furthering our brand and promoting it’s products on  a large scale via social media and print media publicity, while making said products available through online and brick and mortar retailers, combined with the booking of meet and greet campaigns to show fan appreciation is of the highest priority.


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